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Had time to calm down after the excitement of tonight's epiosde enough to put together some sort of coherent review.
Knew they would use Jacks time watch to transport (so that was pretty easy)
I have to say that the early part of this episode was a little slow with alot of dialogue but it had that underlying feeling of menace and suspense build up that something big was about to happen
It pretty much was the Doctor clueless as to what was going on to a degree while Martha was the one putting pieces together are you deducing Martha? hehe
John Simm as the Master got all the best lines and ate up the screen with his awesome acting, deserves a tv award for his Master performance
Fav moment was the phone sex conversation between the Doctor and The Master "Are you asking me out on a date?" classic!
spotted a few classic Who fanwanks with all that Gallifrey pointy outfits/jellybabies/unit
Master as little 'Damien child' *hides* (evil child from horror film The Omen in case you don't know what I mean)
Gallifrey finally seen in all its alien beauty instead of the grey ugly stateroom type settings of old Who
Doctor eats chips but err he enjoyed chips with Rose much more *sniff*
btw why didn't Martha go in disguise when she went for chips? 
Note to Martha: not good to go as you are if your a wanted terrorist
Jack sympathises with Martha's unrequited love for the Doctor :-(  aww poor little beans
Can't believe the Master violated the poor little Tardisy Wardisy *puts sticky plaster on it and gives it a cuddle*
SFX in this episode blew me away, feels like a huge budget was blown on this episode and alot went on making the Doctor look very very wrinkly but I was impressed with the Valient and the sky cracking open to the little spece balls invasion
War of the Worlds eep! *not even safe behind the sofa from the little critters*
those blade things that came out reminded me of the Cybermen conversion machine = nasty mess, at least the Cybermen made use of our human bodies
Have to say though, floating spaceballs = not very scary really
John Simm 4 President!
Archangel network is that like better than Orange? can you get DW wallpapers downloaded ok?
What happened about Leo? oy! Leo get yer but outta the sandcastle and go save yer family buddy :-)
Nice stunt driving Martha/Freema! burns rubber girl *Doctor not only had a brown coat but brown trousers too (means did a poo with shock of Martha's driving) :-) Jack didn't wear a seatbelt!   :-o tut tut!
using keys to distort vison of reality was ok but I preferred the x-ray void stuff specs idea used in Army Of Ghosts
So to sum up the Doctor was pretty clueless throughout, got aged 100 years so now very helpless Jack weak from nearly dying yet again and so Martha had to zap off to go save the World
btw why didn't Martha put the key round the Masters neck when she was close by to him on the Valient? hmm lost opportunity there girl
Companions rule though!
how much do I love the Masters Laser 'powertool' so much cooler and prettier than that sonic screwdriver the Doc uses *can't wait to see what other things it can do*
Noted not really much shippyness between Martha and the Doc more Martha annoyed/Disappointed and then very angry then upset at the Doctor, maybe some luvin or hugs next week? hmm
Overall though 9.5 out of 10 
Cannot wait for next weeks finale although of course being the final episode is not a good thing coz I don't know what I will do till Christmas episode comes, many many many BBC Three reruns anyone? hehe
*passes out with exhaustion*

Date: 2007-06-25 03:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hobbylobby.livejournal.com
Master as little 'Damien child' *hides* BWAH! That kid was definitely creepy.

Great review. I pretty much feel the same on a lot of issues. The Master totally stole all of his scenes. And I thought his crazy wife was great, too. Her dancing scene still has me laughing. While I love Ten/Martha I was a big Nine/Rose shipper during their day and I also thought that the chips scene should have been cut out (I mean they could have eaten something else) so as to preserve Rose's memory.


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