Apr. 5th, 2008

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My Doctor Who - The Doctor & Donna promo Video

Warning! contains some S4 spoilers

Youtube link:
I'll Find him Gramps

Enjoy and leave me feedback please :-)
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4.1 - My Partners In Crime review

Rating 4/5

Not a bad season opener, I actually enjoyed Catherine Tate's Donna this time round.  A more toned down performance and I especially loved her warm and loving relationship with her Gramps played by Bernard Cribbins.
RTD does'kitchin sink drama' very well, better prehaps than the weak plot surrounding the Adipose.
The Adipose themselves as the 'creature of the week' were very cute with a Squee factor (want one as a soft toy pleae) but too CGI'd for me and not quite 'real' enough
Miss Foster was a bit evil with her Sonic 'tool' but the story with her did seem a bit like a left over episode from the Sarah Jane Adventures, fitting death though

I was pleased with Martha's treatment by the Doctor in terms of his memory of the relationship, acknowledged she had feelings for him which complicated things (and his face showed he'd handled human emotions thing badly)
and of course Donna not fancing him though she thought Martha was mad lol Donna's mad you mean how could not fancy him? duh *giggles* I would definately want to see what else he had two of ;-)
Still... Martha is happy now with her Tom :-)

Doctor and Donna onscreen together made me smile and laugh tonight, I love the chemistry they have its relaxed not all mushy/unrequited love stuff but lets have fun no strings..

OMG! The biggest shock/surprise seeing Rose so early on in the Series
RTD you little monkey! he did well to keep that from me
My little fangirl heart went all thumpy with excitement
Now some will moan about Rose mentions through another series but I hope RTD does it this way that we see her, linking the series together in some way. Though the Doctor doesn't know and its all leading up to something big and scary

Overall for plotline I prefered S3 Smith and Jones
Highlights the silent comic speech moment between The Doctor and Donna, The Doctor acknowloging Martha fancied him and Donna saing Charity Martha lol weeee not nice!
Doctor: "I just want a mate"
Donna: Well your not mating with me sunshine"
The Doctor realising he was talking to himself in the Tardis, didn't it seem bigger than ever and more lonely in that moment... amazing!
and the Return of Rose of course

Next weeks trailer looked every inch as good as I had hoped and dare I say it more like 'classic Doctor Who' reminded me a bit of Tom Baker's The Masque of Mandragora set in Italy
Anything with the brilliant Phil Davis in it is alway worth a look
Phil Davis as mad King John in Robin Of Sherwood is still my fav of his work (rambles on....)

Doctor Who is back on Saturdays whoohoo!!! :-)


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