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My Utopia review in its full detailed glory, probably ranted on a bit in places :-)

Excellant opener with The Doctor seeing Jack and quickly escaping, 
(yes best to leave that messy business of awkward questions behind)

Martha's face when The Doctor said he was a different man back then.
But of course Jack has no intension of being left behind
Love it how Martha's Doctor instincts kick in while the Doctor stands back mumbling apologies
Yay Martha/Jack flirting and of course The Doctor doesn't like it
"Work Done" lol
Ooooh Doctor is blowing hot and cold with his emotions when Jack asks The Awkward 
Hehe Jack impresses Martha with his time travel knowledge
"Boys and their toys" go Martha
OMG the "oh she's blond" Martha's getting all the best lines
was it me or was that conversation with Martha and The Doctor like the one 
Rose had with him outside the cafe in School Reunion, the left behind bit.. ouch..
Yes but anyway lets not discuss any more awkward questions and divert our attention with 
running away from nasty tribe people in a Quarry
Yay! classic Who wink with a 'quarry scene'
Didn't one of those tribe people used to be in The Bill
cool face tattoo's like Maori
Why is the Professor hearing drums.. hmmm *makes evil face grin*
Thats right Doctor finding your blue box is more important than helping
Yay! the blue Peter winner, he's so cute and what a great little actor
Doctor uses big words to impress Martha "Imdomidable"
Stop it Jack *giggles* he's such a flirt
Martha impressed by the size of the big rocket :-).. so size does matter
Blue bug hybrid lady is sweet "maybe later blue" god I've missed Jack I am grinning
till my jaws ache
whoohoo the Hand!
loved the Christmas Invasion clip.
Martha's struggles with the hand grew back senario
"Still Full of surprises" yes Martha the Doctor is full of alot more surprises you don't 
yet know about
Doctor keeps leaving his manners behind but good job Jack is there to keep him in line
uh-ow drums again...
omg we got Doctor saying "Quite right too" *sniff* but in a different context this time
and now we got Doctor self appreciation "I'm brilliant" *shakes head*
yay! Doctor pops up from floor, I love that
hmm discussing the drum noise but the Doctor doesn't make any shock faces so it can't 
mean much to him
aww a girly chat how sweet, Martha totally unphased by talking with a blue insect person, 
she is a true space traveller
lovin Jack in the radiation space suit, *sees some cool icons in her mind*
ok enough with the scary teeth
Jack get outer there or your gonna... Not die! hehehe
eww he like evaporated then appeared somewhere else huh?
oooh mouth to mouth
Martha is confused
Martha is shocked
"Is someone kissing me?" classic Jack line
whoohoo Jack is stripping. off off
poo not enough off, still digging the vest and braces look
Doctor makes a little confession to Jack ok were heading for a big man to Timelord talk 
whilst doing something important
Mmmm hair ruffling/neck rubbing. Docs red face makes another good icon
Jacks letting the doc of lightly
Rose eep pans to uncomfortable Martha face as Doc talks ex's
yay a Rose clip
Martha starts to get why Rose was so special although I don't think she gets all the technobable
Jack saw her growing up awww that was nice so.. even though she isn't on our earth anymore
she still exists in the past
lovin that Doc grin
oh s*** another pocket watch nice Human Nature/Family of Blood tie-in
Martha craps herself making it obvious the pocketwatch is significant
"kinda cheeky"
No its not the same watch its obviously another Timelords watch
ow no its all starting to dawn on the professor, he is starting to question everything
Music is a little annoying atm

(note to self: never take anything literally)

Does that mean something to the Doctor? he makes a shock face
Professor looks dark eyed and maybe evil now eep
Ok Profesor is being very evil now Jacobi at his best :-)
Nooo don't her the nice blue lady *bites nails*
The Master aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
*hides behind sofa*
what on the disc?
go blue lady! zap!
yes! got ya
Nooooooooooo, stop him Doc..
Is it me or is it a bad idea to have an interior lock on the tardis
ok now Doctor is in major panic screaming mode but err thats not gonna work
Professor puts arms out
*feels a regeneration coming on*
Reborn? eep
John Simmy wimmy whoohoo
Now for some scary panto villan acting
Hello ELLO
Nice liitle chat hehe yes with tea and cakes
Doctor licks Masters kinky boots
Doctor tries to destroy blue box with a sonic screwdriver but err that isn't working *rolls eyes*
Doctor waves bye bye to his Tardis
Credits roll
*Michy faints with exhaustion*

thoughts: I would have liked to see the Master go back in time to tie up why he would become 
Harold Saxon(maybe we get that next week or it might be an unseen given)  
and I cannot see how on earth the Doctor is going to get back to present day earth without the 
Tardis, hitch a ride with Jacks time travel thingy? hmm

Awesome trailer for next week
What this country really needs is John Simm for Prime Minister :-)
ok I think The Doctor has really got his work cut out stopping this

incarnation of the Master, this guy is very dangerous and good looking
so it looks like Martha and Jack will probably have to save the Day
yay! Humans to the rescue

Date: 2007-06-17 01:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gryffinclaw.livejournal.com
I want Jack to flirt with Martha some more and make the Doctor even more jealous!

Date: 2007-06-18 09:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] whowhore.livejournal.com
At least flirting with Jack she got something back, did you see him checking her out when they stood next to the Blue alien Chanto ;-) 'How you doin'

Date: 2007-06-17 11:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] deadflowerss.livejournal.com
Great review-this was such an amazing episode,I`m still squeeing!

Date: 2007-06-18 09:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] whowhore.livejournal.com
Yeah i really went for it with this review, I am still squeeing too
My only critism was I felt the human tribes people were not fleshed out that well and it was obvious that the build up to the last 10 mins was what this episode was really all about but I felt that in New Earth with those sick humans, just plot devices/ background wallpaper to another story really going on
yet in Impossible planet 2 parter I felt the characters were very well fleshed out


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