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Another weekend gone :-\, feeling very tired today 
Nan came round for dinner which was nice, her first venture out her flat since she broke her hip nearly six weeks ago.
I was upset to hear yesterday about David Tennant's mum dying of cancer, having just lost someone close I really feel for what he must be going through *sends him hugs*
Ordered the final Harry Potter book yesterday as most of my local shops had sold out of it or were trying to get me to pay £15 for stuff I didn't want just to get it for £6.99. So instead I got it online for £8.99 with free carriage.
Watched a rerun of Human Nature today, god I love those period WHO eps so brill! Watched The Unquiet Dead this morning and it was interesting how at the end when Rose was saying how a servant girl saved the world and noone knew how poinient that statement was considering what she did in Doomsday, funny how I when you rewatch things they have a diffent twist on them, did RTD know what was going to happen ay back then?? hmm
OMG how cool was Jeckyll ep last night, period victorian scenes with Gatiss and Nesbitt were brilliant, how weird and wacky does the final ep look though, Saturdays tv will be a bit crap again when that drama finishes :-\
But at least I have Eccles cake to enjoy on Wed evenings with Heroes yay! :-)
Is it normal to wait a month nearly  to collect someones ashes?? mum should chase up the crematorium I have visions of uncle Jim stuck on a shelf somewhere :-(  
I want new Torchwood now!


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