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The Stolen Earth was an incredible episode certainly from the point of view of the characters and the cgi, there were some wonderful moments like between Jack, Gwen and Ianto. Sarah Jane and Luke
The slow realisation of terror on Jack and Sarah's faces when they heard that dreadful word 'Exterminate' and knew what it implied
Catherine Tate as Donna Noble once again excelled and I love her character alot and will miss her
The Doctor did talk too fast when discussing the missing bees explanation and Michael Brandon's General Sanchez was woefully underused, and what was the point of the Shadow Proclamation anyway??
Martha was very brave and that scene when she looked at the New York skyline as the invasion began was awesome
I am speechless with awe at the quality not only of the revamped Davros prosthetics but Julian Bleach's chilling performance, as good as Michael Wisher's Genesis Davros
Loved the robotic claw hand and with keeping the original style of his life support Dalek casing
Sounds like in ep13 we will get some 'shouty mad as a hatter Davros speech' YAY!
I loved it that The Doctor was shocked and maybe a bit frightened at seeing his arch enemy again, which is as it should be, not all casual, ow not you again that was Colin Baker
OK so... the Rose and Doctor reunion it was well OMG SQueeeeeeeeee the tell her yourself, the running, the grinning, the running, but grrrrr the EVIL Dalek :-( hmm its not fair, but the 'long time no see been busy' was moving I am a happy shipper and take what little 'crumbs of love' RTD throws my way :-)
Donna Noble so 'ships' Doctor & Rose and I love her for that
Sarah Jane needs to be rescued very quickly, which I know will happen due to a tv spoiler lol
Go Gwen! with the gun shooting, she's so brave
But the end scene was brilliant a real proper shocking cliffhanger, reminiscient of classic Who
I did thnk Jackie, Mickey and Co would be in ep12 but hopefully they get to shine well in ep13

I think the whole plot of the Missing Planets/Dalek invasion seems a bit weak but the Daleks are alot more Menancing in this ep imo
Dalek Caan gone mad and cackly was brilliant and funny
Supreme Dalek is power hungry and pretty in Red except I don't like the lumps of gold metal jutting out of him, I prefer the classic design

Rating 5/5
roll on Saturday and yet... :-( I don't want it to end
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Wow! I thought that was a very powerful episode
Following on from the strong episode Midnight Season 4 has really risen to the challenge
Prehaps becoming the closest to Classic Doctor Who than any other season
Catherine Tate's performance as Donna Noble was beautifully moving, definately her strongest so far
with some very moving scenes between her and Rose
Rose is still my fav companion followed by Sarah jane Smith and then Donna Noble
I didn't warm to Donna in the Runaway Bride until the end scenes. But here the character is so far away from that episode,
what a journey she's been on.
Couple of slight 'niggles'...
1. Rose's voice sounded weird in the early scenes like she had false teeth or a lisp or something but later in the episode her voice sounded more like the Rose I remembered
Loved Rose's purple jacket though!

2. The whole Fortune Teller scene or point of it really didn't make alot of sense, when did Donna get the beetle, why her? why was the Fortune Teller wanting her to turn left and change things anyway? hmmmm

Still... the whole end scene with the Doctor and Donna was spellbinding, the slowly dawning horror/realisation of what Rose returning really meant *gulp*

Rose remembering how the Doctor had 'great hair.. really great hair' made my fangirlly heart squee with joy
Wilf was brilliant again, I do love that character he makes me think of my late grandad :-\
The Doctor dead?? omg nooooo that was quite upsetting seeing the sonic screwdriver fall to the ground and Rose's face when Donna told her :-| awww
The beetle on Donna's back while a bit plastic looking was still a very creepy concept
which I am old enough to remember the first time round in the then form of a Metabilis Spider on Sarah Jane-Smith's back in Planet of the Spiders (I really hate black spiders btw)
Bad Wolf sign's everywhere omg! Can only mean one thing.......

Rating 5/5

Ep 13 Trailers Musings

OMG on my birthday will be The Stolen Earth! how lucky am I? :-D
The trailers for that are really exciting me for one hell of a battle/showdown, it looks like a movie trailer for Independence Day :-)
Where's Will Smith that's what I wanna know?? lol
Red laughing evil Dalek?
Who are the Children of Time?
and of course old wrinkly face Davros
DW enemy No1 will be back, my fav childhood DW evil baddie sounding very very scary and evil
* gulp*
There is gonna be romantic reunions, heroic Doctor Who Companion actions and great sacrifices
Who yay gonna call?.... *sings Ghostbusters theme tune* :-)

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Beware of possible S4 Spoilers within this review!

Again I'm going to simplfy this review into Good and Bad points

Good Points

1.  The Ood are back! Squeeee :-)
I love those tentacle faced aliens definately my fav of the New Who aliens and after The Impossible Planet/Satin Pit two parter I wanted to more of their background story.

2. Set on an alien planet for a change which I have missed alot

3. Beautiful cgi effects to create the details of the Planet (well done The Mill) and great use of a Quarry ;-) Made a change to see snow instead of hot burning worlds

4. Again as with last weeks episode, the dramitic emotional scenes between the Doctor and Donna stand out for me. Donna's tears at hearing the sad Ood slavery song and the pain got too much so she got the Doctor to remove it from her mind, but the sadness at knowing he can't remove it from his (a curse of the timelords)
Also her compassion for the injured Ood they found after the initial shock of meeting a really 'alien' alien

5. The Doctor leaping about to avoid the claw I just love seeing Tennant running about in that tight suit ;-p

6. The inclusion of mystery observation by the Ood, that the Doctor's song would end soon, so many ideas for that but after alot of thought I don't think its to do with regeneration but maybe to do with Rose and or the timelords

Bad Points

1.  Costumes of the 42nd century humans were too much like 20th century, not futuris enough

2. Corporate 'angle' again I found a bit boring

3. Soldiers guns again not alien and futuristic enough, smaller laser type things surely?

4. The 'big old wobbly brain' at the end sorry it reminded me of the Nestine Consciousness at bit too much and as for sucking in that man ewww gross. I was hoping for an actual Ood rather than a brain

5. Claw/crane thing was a bit rubbish guess it was for a bit of dramic tension/action but it fell flat to be honest

6.  Whole' turn human into Ood thing' was yucky and a bit unbelievable, Dalek Sec Hybrid didn't work for me either

Like last weeks I would watch again and the cgi quality is very good its just that I preferred the few emotional/dramatic scenes between the Doctor and Donna to the overall story
S4 is still stronger than S3 so far, although I preferred Smith and Jones opener to Partners in Crime, better story with the Judoon plus Judoon better monster than Adipose

Rating 4/5

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Beware of possible S4 Spoilers within this review!

I'm going to simplfy this review into Good and Bad points

Good Points

1. Love Historical episodes

2. Attention to period detail was very good

3. Use of a foreign country/ Outdoor set what a long way New Who has come, the use of the Rome set was brilliant would have liked more outside scenes though

4. The emotional scenes between The Doctor and Donna both the hand holding scene in the volcano and near the end when Donna begged the Doctor to save someone. Her heartbreak at finding out Gallifrey his home world had perished
My eyes did well up with the emotion and I definately prefer this serious side to Donna to the 'you've got to be kidding' jokey scenes

5. The Soothsayer predictions.  I assumed 'She is returning' to mean Rose coming back, but the reference to 'Something on your back' to Donna was very intriguing I take it its not meant as something literally on your back, although I did think big Spider on back as in Planet of the Spiders episode

6. Phil Davis who is a brilliant actor especially when he is being mad/menacing

Bad Points

1. Pyrovile killed rubbishly with a water pistol, CGI of adult Pyrovile was not as impressive as the Soothsayer woman as a developing Pyrovile

2. Way Roman family talked to each other in the early scenes, sorry RTD too modern for my liking, I know he was trying to relate them to a modern audience but err i felt it didn't work that well

3. Plot itself with the Pyrovile seemed in the end a bit muddly/overrushed, more moved but the basic story that the people of Pompeii had to die by the volcanic eruption and THIS was a real life story

4. The plaque of the Doctor and Donna being worshed as god deity by the Roman family was a bit naff

Overall more good than bad points and I would watch it again, there was some beautiful visual imagery within the episode

Rating: 4/5 
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4.1 - My Partners In Crime review

Rating 4/5

Not a bad season opener, I actually enjoyed Catherine Tate's Donna this time round.  A more toned down performance and I especially loved her warm and loving relationship with her Gramps played by Bernard Cribbins.
RTD does'kitchin sink drama' very well, better prehaps than the weak plot surrounding the Adipose.
The Adipose themselves as the 'creature of the week' were very cute with a Squee factor (want one as a soft toy pleae) but too CGI'd for me and not quite 'real' enough
Miss Foster was a bit evil with her Sonic 'tool' but the story with her did seem a bit like a left over episode from the Sarah Jane Adventures, fitting death though

I was pleased with Martha's treatment by the Doctor in terms of his memory of the relationship, acknowledged she had feelings for him which complicated things (and his face showed he'd handled human emotions thing badly)
and of course Donna not fancing him though she thought Martha was mad lol Donna's mad you mean how could not fancy him? duh *giggles* I would definately want to see what else he had two of ;-)
Still... Martha is happy now with her Tom :-)

Doctor and Donna onscreen together made me smile and laugh tonight, I love the chemistry they have its relaxed not all mushy/unrequited love stuff but lets have fun no strings..

OMG! The biggest shock/surprise seeing Rose so early on in the Series
RTD you little monkey! he did well to keep that from me
My little fangirl heart went all thumpy with excitement
Now some will moan about Rose mentions through another series but I hope RTD does it this way that we see her, linking the series together in some way. Though the Doctor doesn't know and its all leading up to something big and scary

Overall for plotline I prefered S3 Smith and Jones
Highlights the silent comic speech moment between The Doctor and Donna, The Doctor acknowloging Martha fancied him and Donna saing Charity Martha lol weeee not nice!
Doctor: "I just want a mate"
Donna: Well your not mating with me sunshine"
The Doctor realising he was talking to himself in the Tardis, didn't it seem bigger than ever and more lonely in that moment... amazing!
and the Return of Rose of course

Next weeks trailer looked every inch as good as I had hoped and dare I say it more like 'classic Doctor Who' reminded me a bit of Tom Baker's The Masque of Mandragora set in Italy
Anything with the brilliant Phil Davis in it is alway worth a look
Phil Davis as mad King John in Robin Of Sherwood is still my fav of his work (rambles on....)

Doctor Who is back on Saturdays whoohoo!!! :-)
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Well thats it! the final episode came and went and with it a mixture of emotions and thoughts
So here goes:
Loved Martha as a freedom fighter, cool outfit sorta classic who
Tom was yummy ;-)
Didn't like Doctor Who the musical, master dancing about, didn't work for me *shrugs*
Found the Doctor turned into a mini 'Dobby' Timelord initially distressing but amazing effects, ensured The Master's cruelity and made him the ulimate arch enemy
Jack was sadly underused in this episode and was basically used a soldier
So Toclafane had little Utopia humans in them, should have seen that coming and it did remind me a bit of Men In Black
I liked the idea of Martha spreading the word and it was Doctor but I just coul;dn't except that the use of the word all at the same time could make the Doctor regrow, surely use of the laser screwdriver within that would have made more sense, floating angel Doc was pretty  (bit of back killer for Tennant though poor love)
Gah the Master dying cradled in Doctors arms emo scene still gets me welling up on a third viewing, best scene of the episode imo
Hmm what happened to Leo? another weakly developed character he was no Mickey in the end
Final scene with Martha leaving totally worked and yet obviuosly was so bittersweet, still feel mixed emotions about it. The Doctor of course stood there saying very little emotionally constipated as he always is faced with human loves you stuff, felt more for The master obviuosly, Martha did desrve more than a thank you hug, but with the Doctor thats like a big thing these days
I am sure she will have some more adventures with him soon but the Loveship Titantic has sailed away
Martha will find that someone special oneday, she and Tom made a sweet couple :-)
I like the idea for the christmas special and the title Vogage of The Damned is soo Doctor Who
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Firstly I want to say that that two parter was not only outstanding drama in its own right but two of the best episodes since the series started 3 years ago
Everyone acted their socks off including the scarecrows
Martha is proving to be one of the best companions ever and although I am a Rose & Sarah Jane fan forever Martha is up there with the best
So brave grabbing the gun, so compassionate about the whole John and Joan affair even though the poor girl loves her Doctor to bits she does understand how heartbreaking it is for John and Joan to know they can never be together
But at the end she got her Doctor back and although I felt he did not show enough appreciation for what she had done she took what she could from him
Baines was terrifying but not as terrifying as the swift justice bestowed on the Family Of Blood by a Timelord
I liked the pacing of the episodes so as to allow us to understand how  John Smith fitted into 1913 the attention to period detail was outstanding, Tennant looked so at home in period tweed
One thing puzzled me, when the scarecrows were shot at why did they die? I mean they are not human only made of straw wouldn't they just get up?
the creatues in the host bodies where did they originally come from? what do they really look like?
I had wished the host bodies could have been saved in some way they were originally nice humans after all.
I have really come at this stage to accept that Martha and The Doctor are strong friends and not a romantic couple
 it just doesn't seem like its going to happen, but I am ok with it because after all the Doctor/Rose stuff it seems too soon. 
Martha deserves to find true love with someone who will really see her and I know the Doctor really appreciates her but if he was in love with her I don't think he would have asked Joan to come
The whole what my life with Joan would have been like was a favourite moment for me, seeing John holding his baby in his arms (sigh)
The scenes at the end commenorating the war were very moving and to see the young boy grow old very heartfelt
That young boy actor was really good he should have gone along for a Tardis ride
Joan was a beautiful character and I felt for her all the way through, I hope she went on to have a fulfilling life.
I love the two parters and these two worked better than the Daleks or Cyberman two parters.
Its a bit upsetting to think only a few episodes left to go, god this season has flown by, but I have loved being along for the ride
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Fantastic episode!
First up Martha was really really tough and cool headed under pressure (well except for emoing in the jetisoned pod scene) I shouted "Go girl" at the screen So.. sort of like the second time she saved the Doctor this season, Martha sure told those lads straight to drop the fuel, don't mess with her down a dark alley ;-)
I so squee with pleasure seeing Ten Doc in a Spacesuit, but he had no helmet kiss this time
As is the norm I was blinded by the science but just went along on the rollercoaster ride, if I try to work it all out and question things too deeply I get a migraine, suffice to say I might not look at the Sun in the same way. I thought some bits of Doctor possesed and Michelle Collins going out the ship might be a bit scary for little kids, this had a much more adult feel to it
Hurrah for Martha to kiss such a nice young man, I don't think the Doctor was jealous, just had brains like scrambled eggs at the end and I think that was understanable
8/10 for action, drama, set production,martha/doc hug, key to tardis scene. But not 10 due to slight lack of character development and confusing science shenanigans
You know your obsessed with Doctor Who when you see icons in episode scenes
I saw so many *head explodes*
I still prefer The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit two parter for allowing character development and more Doc/ Rose shippiness but its Devil premise was a bit too farfetched, 
but then '42''s Sun alive & weird possession was just as out there, I would have prefered an alien possession not relating to the Sun I dunno it promissed more than it delivered on some levels but excelled on others, like Martha's scenes were awesome, the really good Saxon thread running through it.  I am worried Martha's mum will betray the Doctor and Martha
It was very upsetting to watch Ten be in possessed emo pain, loved the I am afraid line, so touching and real
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Thoroughly enjoyed tonights episode for the following reasons:

The Doctor in a sexy black Tux looking like James Bond (Martha checks out the Doctor and likes what she sees)
Grabbing Marthas knickers *giggles*
Martha Jones acting in the episode  like a bond girl with brains and beauty go girl!
Martha and Ten's relationship tonight was the most shippy its been.  
Of course she deserves to be more than a passenger a day trip, she has earned her right to travel as a proper companion now 
The hugs the Doctor kept giving Martha felt like he might finally have let his Rose go free although it did remind of the old Rose hug days and watching Impossible Planet on UK Gold today didn't help me to move on.
I found it amusing that like Roses mum the Doctor got a hard time from a suspicious Marthas mum, I mean who wouldn't give him a hard time after him saying he and Martha were up to 'stuff' and the mum thinks Martha has only recently met him.
I fear that Marthas mum is going to give the Doctor an even harder time later on in the series when they meet again after info given to her.
I did find the Monster quite scary but a bit too cgi'd to make me hide behind the sofa, Mark Gatiss was very good as Lazarus but Thelma Barlow although excellant in what she had was not as evil or used as much as hype suggested.
Nice that The Doctor in hs randomess finally noticed Martha's outfit even if it was only her shoes *sigh - longs for days when Nine said Rose looked beautiful*
Is it me or is that sonic screwdriver getting way to overused this series, I mean in old skool it was hardly used at all now its everything still Ten makes it even a sonic screwdriver look sexy.
The lighting in the catherdral made Ten look very very attractive  and squueee at Ten/Martha reunited hug up in air.

Ok time for bed..
At least two weeks break gives me a chance to catch up on some icon making and I must backup some more files to disc


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