Apr. 27th, 2007 10:50 pm
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Finally got aol wireless setup on my mum's laptop and my pc.  Took me ages to get it all working correctly, the signal drops out alot on my pc but i think its coz the pc is facing the wrong way to get the best signal, my mum's laptop hold the signal really well. I like the comfort of using the laptop on the go on sat on the bed with it, mum has been good letting me use it but I should really give it back but errr.. i use it more than she did anyway. mmmm downside is that it only runs for about an hour without the mains in and takes 10 mins to load everything on bootup. 
Gonna be hot this weekend I really need to get a bit of colour on my skin i am soo pale.  I hope this fluey/achy bug will go away soon its zapping energy and I wanted to make more dw icons but i feel so weak.
NOTE TO SELF: I must remember to email my friend pics of her daughters christening from my camera this weekend.
Looking forward to Evolution of the Daleks saturday, but i am worried that the new hybrid Dalek Sec will not scare me anymore and just look like some bloke with wobbly tentacles plopped on his head. i am not sure if he is scary enough to command a race of pepperpots, they will probably get annoyed with his wobbly head and exterminate him so they can remain happy pepperpots with sink plungers for arms.  
why does the story summary of episode 7 called 42 sound a bit like the the story in The Impossible Planet, 
stuck on vessel/space station heading towards black hole or in this case burning sun, people possessed mmm beast possession anyone? :-/ not original enough... mind you I did enjoy that impossible planet/satin pit double bill alot so maybe this will be good too, lots of claustraphobia and creepyness. Question is, is actress Michelle Collins going to be another 'scootie'??

Question is! do we rename our 6th rough collie currently called George by previous owner or not, i mean its not what i would have chosen but i am finding it dificult to think of another one at the moment.


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