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Poem: inspired by trailers and clips from 'Voyage Of The Damned'
A Doctor Who Christmas Special 2007
Characters: Tenth Doctor and Astrid Peth
Theme: Romantic
Rating: 12 upwards (Nothing rude, mentions of kissing and flirtyness)

A Waitress Named Astrid by Whowhore

I met a waitress named Astrid
Aboard a sailing boat
She served me a drink and a smile
and we sat and chatted a while

I told her about a girl far away
Who I hoped I would see again one day
I said her name was Rose
and I suppose...
You remind me of her in some way

I told her I was a Stowaway
and she said I looked good for my age
I said you should see me in the morning
and Astrid then said "Ok"

But before I could choke on my food
I said I hate to be rude
But I think we should run
From that Angel with a gun
Then we ran past some Red Spiky dude

The ship was on fire
The flames getting higher
But a Timelord saved the day!
Hip Hip Hoorah :-)

At the bow of the ship
I gazed down at Astrid's sweet lip
By the light of the moon
I felt Astrid swoon
But before we could kiss
Astrid turned and said this...

"I was a Tardis all along"
But before I could say What?
She was gone..

Who was this beauty called Astrid
who melted my hearts with her smile
I hope she'll return
where my hearts love flame does burn
Coz for this Timelord its been such a while

Please comment, this is my first attempt at a Doctor Who poem
Thank you :-)


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