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Thoroughly enjoyed tonights episode for the following reasons:

The Doctor in a sexy black Tux looking like James Bond (Martha checks out the Doctor and likes what she sees)
Grabbing Marthas knickers *giggles*
Martha Jones acting in the episode  like a bond girl with brains and beauty go girl!
Martha and Ten's relationship tonight was the most shippy its been.  
Of course she deserves to be more than a passenger a day trip, she has earned her right to travel as a proper companion now 
The hugs the Doctor kept giving Martha felt like he might finally have let his Rose go free although it did remind of the old Rose hug days and watching Impossible Planet on UK Gold today didn't help me to move on.
I found it amusing that like Roses mum the Doctor got a hard time from a suspicious Marthas mum, I mean who wouldn't give him a hard time after him saying he and Martha were up to 'stuff' and the mum thinks Martha has only recently met him.
I fear that Marthas mum is going to give the Doctor an even harder time later on in the series when they meet again after info given to her.
I did find the Monster quite scary but a bit too cgi'd to make me hide behind the sofa, Mark Gatiss was very good as Lazarus but Thelma Barlow although excellant in what she had was not as evil or used as much as hype suggested.
Nice that The Doctor in hs randomess finally noticed Martha's outfit even if it was only her shoes *sigh - longs for days when Nine said Rose looked beautiful*
Is it me or is that sonic screwdriver getting way to overused this series, I mean in old skool it was hardly used at all now its everything still Ten makes it even a sonic screwdriver look sexy.
The lighting in the catherdral made Ten look very very attractive  and squueee at Ten/Martha reunited hug up in air.

Ok time for bed..
At least two weeks break gives me a chance to catch up on some icon making and I must backup some more files to disc


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