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What a fantastic start to the series!
Martha was very good I like her already, her character showed courage, intelligence, caring, curiosity but she showed she had some fear too which i think i would have if a massive rhino monster stomped towards me :-) I thought the last few minutes of the episode was beautifully moving and a little tear welled up as we got to be reminded that Rose was gone but not forgotten and was it me or was the Doctor trying to convince himself Rose was happy back with her family :-/ Martha can flirt all she likes but this alien timelord still has 2 broken hearts not ready just yet to be mended. 
Jury's out on Martha's family need more from them later in the series to make a more informed judgement but they seem to have a few family issues to resolve.
I am really looking forward to their adventures together and I think I am going to be behind the sofa quite a few times this year
BTW how sexy was that seeing the Doctors naked feet! *faints*
Weeee did the Doctor say he had a brother once?? so that's was a father once and now had a brother... fascinating...
Special effects were awesome, much more expensive looking.
David Tennant was Hot Hot Hot all through this episode, even sexy as the Doc when near death from lack of blood... mmmm that sounds a bit sick but err he just looks cute and sexy alot of the time these days.  OK I need to get out more and find my own David Tennant :-)
Doc/Martha Kiss left me cold... (couldn't see any tongues) was a genetic transfer after all.. well I am sure Martha hopes the Doctor will feel the need for many more genetic transfers ;-)
Judoon were great in their black leather gladiator outfits, as were the strange leather biker type creatures, in fact there was alot of leather in this episode but not alot of bondage.
In some ways this was better than last years New Earth as a story episode but I did love last years cat Nuns
OMG did you see the episode 2 bed clip at the end of the confidential episode.. :-0 
mmm looks a bit cosy to me with Doc and Martha, but like this weeks kiss I am sure it will not be what it appears, its a kids show after all err well sort of...

Bought two more DW easter eggs :-)
Happy Birthday today Nan! :-)
Easter soon and more easter eggs to eat :-)
Must make some icons when I get my computer sorted


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