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My New Doctor & Rose video

Inspired by the lyrics to Afraid Of Sunlight by Marillion
I love rock music especially rock ballads and this song was so amazing, it is very powerful & haunting.

*No Copyright Infringement Intended*
Made just for fun/pleasure

Story idea:

The Doctor leaves Rose behind with a human version of himself because the real Doctor can't give her what she really needs.
The Doctor is 'afraid of sunlight'
afraid to confront his feelings for Rose and say the words I Love You'
this human man can.
The Doctor & Rose look back on their journey together and at what could have been.

Sample from Lyrics:

Drive the road to your surrender
Time comes around... out of my hands
Small boats on the beach at the dead of night
Come and go before first light
Leave me running in the wheel
King of the world
How do you feel?
What is there to feel?

So how do we now come to be
Afraid of sunlight?
Tell me girl why you and me
Scared of sunlight?

Been in pain for so long
I can't even say what hurts anymore
I will leave you alone
I will deny
I will leave you to bleed
I will leave you with your life

So how do we now come to be
Afraid of sunlight?
Tell me girl why you and me
Scared of sunlight?

HQ Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TEHG3TDM

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