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The Stolen Earth was an incredible episode certainly from the point of view of the characters and the cgi, there were some wonderful moments like between Jack, Gwen and Ianto. Sarah Jane and Luke
The slow realisation of terror on Jack and Sarah's faces when they heard that dreadful word 'Exterminate' and knew what it implied
Catherine Tate as Donna Noble once again excelled and I love her character alot and will miss her
The Doctor did talk too fast when discussing the missing bees explanation and Michael Brandon's General Sanchez was woefully underused, and what was the point of the Shadow Proclamation anyway??
Martha was very brave and that scene when she looked at the New York skyline as the invasion began was awesome
I am speechless with awe at the quality not only of the revamped Davros prosthetics but Julian Bleach's chilling performance, as good as Michael Wisher's Genesis Davros
Loved the robotic claw hand and with keeping the original style of his life support Dalek casing
Sounds like in ep13 we will get some 'shouty mad as a hatter Davros speech' YAY!
I loved it that The Doctor was shocked and maybe a bit frightened at seeing his arch enemy again, which is as it should be, not all casual, ow not you again that was Colin Baker
OK so... the Rose and Doctor reunion it was well OMG SQueeeeeeeeee the tell her yourself, the running, the grinning, the running, but grrrrr the EVIL Dalek :-( hmm its not fair, but the 'long time no see been busy' was moving I am a happy shipper and take what little 'crumbs of love' RTD throws my way :-)
Donna Noble so 'ships' Doctor & Rose and I love her for that
Sarah Jane needs to be rescued very quickly, which I know will happen due to a tv spoiler lol
Go Gwen! with the gun shooting, she's so brave
But the end scene was brilliant a real proper shocking cliffhanger, reminiscient of classic Who
I did thnk Jackie, Mickey and Co would be in ep12 but hopefully they get to shine well in ep13

I think the whole plot of the Missing Planets/Dalek invasion seems a bit weak but the Daleks are alot more Menancing in this ep imo
Dalek Caan gone mad and cackly was brilliant and funny
Supreme Dalek is power hungry and pretty in Red except I don't like the lumps of gold metal jutting out of him, I prefer the classic design

Rating 5/5
roll on Saturday and yet... :-( I don't want it to end
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