Jun. 23rd, 2008

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A Tenth Doctor video
'The darkness is coming' for the troubled timelord as we reach the end of S4
Doctor Theme's of loss, sadness, fear, lonliness
I love to zoom in on Tenth Doctor's face he has such depth and emotion in it
Music by the haunting Trading Yesterday

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High quality download link: www.megaupload.com/?d=546710WN

Youtube link below:

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Wow! I thought that was a very powerful episode
Following on from the strong episode Midnight Season 4 has really risen to the challenge
Prehaps becoming the closest to Classic Doctor Who than any other season
Catherine Tate's performance as Donna Noble was beautifully moving, definately her strongest so far
with some very moving scenes between her and Rose
Rose is still my fav companion followed by Sarah jane Smith and then Donna Noble
I didn't warm to Donna in the Runaway Bride until the end scenes. But here the character is so far away from that episode,
what a journey she's been on.
Couple of slight 'niggles'...
1. Rose's voice sounded weird in the early scenes like she had false teeth or a lisp or something but later in the episode her voice sounded more like the Rose I remembered
Loved Rose's purple jacket though!

2. The whole Fortune Teller scene or point of it really didn't make alot of sense, when did Donna get the beetle, why her? why was the Fortune Teller wanting her to turn left and change things anyway? hmmmm

Still... the whole end scene with the Doctor and Donna was spellbinding, the slowly dawning horror/realisation of what Rose returning really meant *gulp*

Rose remembering how the Doctor had 'great hair.. really great hair' made my fangirlly heart squee with joy
Wilf was brilliant again, I do love that character he makes me think of my late grandad :-\
The Doctor dead?? omg nooooo that was quite upsetting seeing the sonic screwdriver fall to the ground and Rose's face when Donna told her :-| awww
The beetle on Donna's back while a bit plastic looking was still a very creepy concept
which I am old enough to remember the first time round in the then form of a Metabilis Spider on Sarah Jane-Smith's back in Planet of the Spiders (I really hate black spiders btw)
Bad Wolf sign's everywhere omg! Can only mean one thing.......

Rating 5/5

Ep 13 Trailers Musings

OMG on my birthday will be The Stolen Earth! how lucky am I? :-D
The trailers for that are really exciting me for one hell of a battle/showdown, it looks like a movie trailer for Independence Day :-)
Where's Will Smith that's what I wanna know?? lol
Red laughing evil Dalek?
Who are the Children of Time?
and of course old wrinkly face Davros
DW enemy No1 will be back, my fav childhood DW evil baddie sounding very very scary and evil
* gulp*
There is gonna be romantic reunions, heroic Doctor Who Companion actions and great sacrifices
Who yay gonna call?.... *sings Ghostbusters theme tune* :-)



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