Apr. 20th, 2008

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Beware of possible S4 Spoilers within this review!

I'm going to simplfy this review into Good and Bad points

Good Points

1. Love Historical episodes

2. Attention to period detail was very good

3. Use of a foreign country/ Outdoor set what a long way New Who has come, the use of the Rome set was brilliant would have liked more outside scenes though

4. The emotional scenes between The Doctor and Donna both the hand holding scene in the volcano and near the end when Donna begged the Doctor to save someone. Her heartbreak at finding out Gallifrey his home world had perished
My eyes did well up with the emotion and I definately prefer this serious side to Donna to the 'you've got to be kidding' jokey scenes

5. The Soothsayer predictions.  I assumed 'She is returning' to mean Rose coming back, but the reference to 'Something on your back' to Donna was very intriguing I take it its not meant as something literally on your back, although I did think big Spider on back as in Planet of the Spiders episode

6. Phil Davis who is a brilliant actor especially when he is being mad/menacing

Bad Points

1. Pyrovile killed rubbishly with a water pistol, CGI of adult Pyrovile was not as impressive as the Soothsayer woman as a developing Pyrovile

2. Way Roman family talked to each other in the early scenes, sorry RTD too modern for my liking, I know he was trying to relate them to a modern audience but err i felt it didn't work that well

3. Plot itself with the Pyrovile seemed in the end a bit muddly/overrushed, more moved but the basic story that the people of Pompeii had to die by the volcanic eruption and THIS was a real life story

4. The plaque of the Doctor and Donna being worshed as god deity by the Roman family was a bit naff

Overall more good than bad points and I would watch it again, there was some beautiful visual imagery within the episode

Rating: 4/5 
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Beware of possible S4 Spoilers within this review!

Again I'm going to simplfy this review into Good and Bad points

Good Points

1.  The Ood are back! Squeeee :-)
I love those tentacle faced aliens definately my fav of the New Who aliens and after The Impossible Planet/Satin Pit two parter I wanted to more of their background story.

2. Set on an alien planet for a change which I have missed alot

3. Beautiful cgi effects to create the details of the Planet (well done The Mill) and great use of a Quarry ;-) Made a change to see snow instead of hot burning worlds

4. Again as with last weeks episode, the dramitic emotional scenes between the Doctor and Donna stand out for me. Donna's tears at hearing the sad Ood slavery song and the pain got too much so she got the Doctor to remove it from her mind, but the sadness at knowing he can't remove it from his (a curse of the timelords)
Also her compassion for the injured Ood they found after the initial shock of meeting a really 'alien' alien

5. The Doctor leaping about to avoid the claw I just love seeing Tennant running about in that tight suit ;-p

6. The inclusion of mystery observation by the Ood, that the Doctor's song would end soon, so many ideas for that but after alot of thought I don't think its to do with regeneration but maybe to do with Rose and or the timelords

Bad Points

1.  Costumes of the 42nd century humans were too much like 20th century, not futuris enough

2. Corporate 'angle' again I found a bit boring

3. Soldiers guns again not alien and futuristic enough, smaller laser type things surely?

4. The 'big old wobbly brain' at the end sorry it reminded me of the Nestine Consciousness at bit too much and as for sucking in that man ewww gross. I was hoping for an actual Ood rather than a brain

5. Claw/crane thing was a bit rubbish guess it was for a bit of dramic tension/action but it fell flat to be honest

6.  Whole' turn human into Ood thing' was yucky and a bit unbelievable, Dalek Sec Hybrid didn't work for me either

Like last weeks I would watch again and the cgi quality is very good its just that I preferred the few emotional/dramatic scenes between the Doctor and Donna to the overall story
S4 is still stronger than S3 so far, although I preferred Smith and Jones opener to Partners in Crime, better story with the Judoon plus Judoon better monster than Adipose

Rating 4/5

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Title: The Doctor & Rose - Remember Me
Type: Music Video
Music: Remember by Josh Groban
Theme: Emotional/Romantic

Youtube link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0gXIFkgKYeo
Download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=969JU1IM

Enjoy and leave me feedback


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